Have any questions? +91 7385024414 info@appconsultio.com
Have any questions? +91 7385024414

Privacy Policy of Appconsultion Websolutions

Please find the below privacy policy statement discloses:-

How do we collect user data?

We collect first name, last name, email, phone number, and messages using our contact us form to reach our interested customers to facilitate their requests.

We don't sell any collected customer data or our website visitor's info in any form.

Security -

Our website is SSL enabled, so all the data transformed are encrypted over the network.

About Cookies -

Cookies are small data stored on the user's computer while browsing the website and get removed after the session closes. We use cookies to cache the website content for faster loading and enhancing user experience.

Complaint -

If you have any concerns related to privacy, please reach us via email - info@appconsultio.com.

Notification -

Please keep monitoring this page for privacy policy updates at our end. We don't send any notifications to any users.

We are committed to providing the best services and ensuring customer data protection.