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Taxi/Cab Booking App Development Company

Bringing Efficiency, Automation, and Scalability to your business through top-notch taxi/cab apps

Do you run a taxi startup or a recognized cab business? Are you having a tough time keeping track of your drivers, riders, and calculating payments manually? Well, it’s high time to think about going digital to handle your business more effectively and seamlessly. Our taxi/cab booking app development will help automate everything from cab booking to tracking the number of drivers and taxis and generating timely reports. So are you ready to reduce your burden?

Appconsultio is a top-notch taxi booking app development company, armed with award-winning taxi app developers that will help you build Uber-like, driver, and rider apps alongside a dedicated admin panel. You can manage your core objectives and enrich your skills while we collaboratively work with you to provide high-class taxi/cab app solutions. With an intuitive user interface, Google Map navigation, and precise time, location, and fare calculation, you and your users will have a memorable experience.

Features You Will Enjoy in Our Taxi/Cab Booking App

Our custom taxi app development incorporates an extensive range of features, developed in accordance with growing passengers’ demand and drivers’ needs.

Passenger App Features

  • Social logins

  • Contact driver

  • Timely notifications

  • Fare estimations

  • In-built emergency button

  • Promo codes and loyalty points

  • Rate driver

  • Multiple payment modes – cards, cash, wallet

  • Cancel booking option

  • Save locations

Driver App Features

  • Contact passenger

  • Availability status

  • Accept/reject booking

  • Track earning

  • Start/end ride

  • Built-in Google Maps navigation

  • Driver dashboard

  • Trip information

Admin/Dispatcher Panel Features

  • Secure login

  • Manage vehicles, drivers, and customers

  • Admin dashboard

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Manage dispatchers and bookings

  • Trip tracking

  • Add and update customer information

Best-in-Class Features and Functionality

  • Number security

  • In-app chat

  • Surge pricing

  • VoIP calls

  • Referral rewards

  • Call booking

  • Ride share

  • Set up operational zones

  • Pickup suggestions

Top-Class Taxi/Cab Booking App Development Service for Every Niche

We will help you connect, enrich, and automate your tasks with our scalable and advanced taxi app development service, ideal for transport businesses of all types, sizes, and segments. No matter whether you’re a startup, a small-scale, or a large taxi fleet owner, we are a one-stop source for developing impeccable on-demand taxi/cab booking apps.

  • Car rental services

  • Carpooling apps

  • Public bus services

  • Trucking and logistics apps

  • On-demand autos

  • Towing service providers

  • On-demand taxi and cabs

  • RV operators

  • Crane operators

  • Ships and cruises

The Amalgamation of Flexible Architecture Framework, Developer Tools, and Technologies

Behind extraordinary and smooth UI/UX of our taxi/cab apps, we always concentrate on integrating robust framework, programming languages, and processes to turn complex functionalities into a simplified and user-friendly model. With our vast experience of taxi and cab booking app development service, we are bringing thoughtful brands, not just products into the world, helping you stay up to date on trends and implement the latest technology to develop apps.

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